With Allplan 2017 you are able to design your own building model and at the same time work together with all project members in a coordinate manner via bim+. The result: planning security and maximum quality for the project.

Allplan 2017
is the ideal tool for your day-to-day work in a team. The software impresses architects and engineers through precision, speed and planning reliability. It also supports the BIM working method and is embedded in an open system of solutions for cost management, facility management and model coordination with bim+. With the Allplan 2017 version, we are setting new standards in the construction industry with regard to interdisciplinary work.

With Allplan, take advantage of the opportunity of model-based coordination and information querying via bim+ – even with planning partners that work with different software. The new features in Allplan 2017 range from central task management and a wide range of enhancements in the area of modeling, plan generation and automation right through to detailed improvements that make Allplan 2017 more stable and user-friendly than ever before.

Allplan Architecture

The object-oriented BIM / CAD software for all types of planning.

Allplan Engineering

The integrated BIM / CAD software for structural engineering.

Allplan BCM

Allplan BCM

The flexible TAI software for tendering, billing and construction cost planning.

Allplan Allfa

The Facility Management Software (CAFM) for efficient building management.




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*Survey of 1,103 Allplan customers and prospects in September and October 2015. In response to the question “Would you recommend Allplan to others?”, 98% said “Yes”.


The story of Nemetschek, Allplan and our CAD software

For more than 30 years, Allplan has been providing innovative software solutions to support architects, civil engineers, building contractors, and facility managers in the planning, construction, and management of buildings. As a CAD pioneer, Professor Georg Nemetschek founded the Engineering Office for Building and Construction in Munich in 1963. In 1981, this became Nemetschek Programmsystem GmbH, which launched the first version of our CAD solution, Allplan, on the market in 1984. Nemetschek Allplan GmbH was founded in 2008, and was then renamed as Allplan GmbH in 2015. Nowadays, Allplan GmbH is a leading European supplier of open BIM (Building Information Modeling) solutions.

Apart from CAD software for architects and civil engineers, Allplan provides facility management solutions with Allplan Allfa, and also the NEVARIS software for construction cost management. With the open BIM platform, bim+, Allplan ensures that all the project members can work together in a smooth, inter-disciplinary manner.

Discover the advantages of Allplan 2017. You can test the full range of functions of Allplan Architecture and Allplan Engineering free of charge for a period of 30 days.

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